Our current capabilities extend to Lycoming, and Continental Motors piston engines (including those of Rolls Royce manufacture) and the Rolls Royce (formerly Allison) M250-C20 range of gas turbine engines.


We are able to assist you providing quality workmanship at competitive prices for your continued repairs, time expired part replacements and time ex overhauls for your modules or complete engines. Our fully equipped machine shop means that we are able to take care of 90% of the work required for your module, the only exception being specialized coatings. That said, we have a number of facilities that can take care of this work for us with reasonable turn around times. Can't wait? Our exchange pool of components and modules means that we can help you get flying again sooner if required.


Send us your piston engine and you can expect a professional service and a high standard of work at prices that are inkeeping with the competition. We strive to keep turnaround time to a minimum so you don't have your wheels on the ground for long - aircraft were designed to fly after all! After build, all engines are fully tested in our test cell with reports available at request. We keep stock of most of the popular engines so if you require to only be on the ground for days rather than weeks, give us a call and we can get you an engine prepared for when you need it. We patronize the OEM as much as we possibly can and, in doing so, are able to offer you complete support, backed by the OEM.